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DubaiDubai is one of the seven emirates that form The United Arab Emirates. It is the second largest in territorial size after the capital Abu Dhabi, and most populated emirate.

Together with the capital city, Dubai is the decisive power over the maters of national value. With its great strategic location on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a major global city in the international commercial and leisure tourism chain.

At the beginning of its growth, the oil industry served as a reliable accelerator for the development of the city, but with its oil reserves diminished, nowadays Dubai is focusing his attention to attract investments and tourism revenues.

Dubai has changed with an extreme speed in the last decades, becoming a grand business center with a diversified and dynamic economy.

Supported by the government of UAE, the Ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum have launched the future development vision which has the aim of making the UAE "One of the best countries in the world".

The small logistical costs and developed infrastructure, an international outlook and accessible government policies are enormous attraction reasons for the investors. Activities of tourism, industry, services and finance have shown a constant growth in the last decades and according to Price Waterhouse Coopers predictions, the MENA area (MENA- acronym that refers to the Middle East and North Africa region) these already leading global markets, together with India and Turkey will grow at a higher rate than the North America and Europe markets.

Why Dubai is the best Investment Location?

Dubai is not only ranked as the Gulf’s leading multi purpose Investment and business center and a hub city of the region, but nowadays Dubai is one of the top globe’s dynamic market economies. With its ancient commercial and sea trading customs, Dubai has become a dominant venue for a multitude of profitable and growing activities and industries:Burj Al Arab view

  • Tourism and leisure.
  • Finance and Insurance, Banking.
  • Meeting, Exhibitions and conferences.
  • Light and medium manufacturing industries.
  • Business consulting.
  • Industrial consulting.
  • Regional Corporate headquarters.
  • Information, IT and Communications Technology etc.

All this became possible because of Dubai’s world-class infrastructure, wide range of high-end facilities and liberal economical politics. A plenitude of factors have contributed to Dubai’s nowadays success:

  1. The strategic Location permits Dubai to be a time zone arch between the CIS and Africa on one side and the Europe and Asia on the other side. It is an intermediate market that has six distinctive characteristics throughout the years from its beginning until the present.
  • Extensive - existence of strong trading links with over 1.5 billion people and companies in the regions covering the Gulf, Eastern Mediterranean/Middle East, CIS, Africa, Central Asia and the Asian subcontinent.
  • Booming – The international total trade has grown by over 11% (average) per year since 1988 and the regional liberalization and economic growth is boosting further.
  • Prosperous – Being amply supplied by cheap primary aluminum and energy; Neighboring grand regional suppliers of agro-export commodities; Dubai is an ebullient market strategically located in one of the world’s richest regions.
  • Reachable – connected by 85 airlines and linked via 120 shipping lines to more than 1340 global destinations.
  • Diverse – varied and well managed import and export requirements offer opportunities for suppliers and re-exporters.
  • Open – there are no quotas, exchange controls or trade barriers.
  1. The Economical and Political stability: Dubai is a low crime and politically stable country. With a well-developed banking system, Dubai provides extensive credit facilities and substantial liquidity. The emerging capital markets are constructed on leading-edge technologies and flawless regulatory systems. The government has shown through the years a long-term commitment to liberal and pro-business economic policies, which include the intellectual property rights protection.

Foreigners have the possibility of ownership rights of up to 49% in the case of Limited Liabilities Companies opening within the Emirate of Dubai and 100% ownership rights for professional companies, free zones enterprises or branches and representative offices of foreign companies. All the factors stated above present Dubai as a successful platform to guarantee your business’s success.

  1. Free and Open Economic System: In order to attract business and investors, Dubai’s Government has kept the regulation and control over the private sector to a minimum. There are no direct taxes on personal income or corporate profits (except oil and banking industry). A low of 4% with many exemptions is the Customs duties fee, repatriation of capital and profits is permitted to 100%, no foreign exchange controls are present; trade barriers or quotas and a stable exchange rate between US Dollar and the UAE Dirham exists (US$1.00 = AED 3.678). Open visa policies permit easy importation of labor of various skills from all over the world with few exceptions.
  1. Exquisite living conditions and high life quality: Private sector of Dubai has invested heavily in real estate commercial, residential and hotel properties, recreational and leisure facilities. From unique high-tech 7 stars leisure properties to cozy and luxurious family homes Dubai has lots to offer. The low crime, clean environment, cosmopolitan lifestyle, well developed infrastructural facilities, tolerance and cultural diversity, modern public administration and availability of a extensive range of consumer services and goods, mild winters and palm belted white sand beaches are just the dream come true place on earth.