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Business License in Dubai

For business of any category on the Mainland territory, it is mandatory to have a Business (Trade) License in Dubai. The requirements for a new company and Dubai Trade License demanded from various agencies and government ministries can differ, depending on the category of business.

Business license in DubaiIn accordance with the nature of the activity a business entity plans to undertake, one of following business licenses will be issued:

  1. Commercial license: is issued to the companies planning to engage in any activity of trading.
  2. Industrial license: is issued to the companies planning to engage in industrial or manufacturing activity.
  3. Professional license: is issued to the professionals, service providers, artisans and craftsmen.

There are up to 2000 types of licenses offered by Department of Economical Development (DED).

However, certain activities require special approvals and professional license from the related ministries/ departments as for the example in the case of a banking activity, the approval of the UAE Central Bank is needed, for a hospital, pharmacy opening, the approval of the UAE Health Ministry is mandatory etc.

Bestington Businessmen Services specialists provide guidance in choosing the appropriate business license for your future business plans, judging not only on the initial company goals, but on the whole development needs of our customer.

At Bestington Businessmen Services we know your time is priceless, therefore we can:

  • Do the leg run for you.
  • Obtain the new necessary trade licenses and approvals.
  • Renew the expiring existing licenses.
  • Submit necessary documents and applications.
  • Share our business relations and knowledge in order to avoid time loss and have the process completed in best time possible.
  • Follow up on ready approvals and submit necessary payments on your behalf.

For every step to be completed in the company opening and licensing procedures there is a specific time frame advised by the governmental entities, though as you already know these time frames can meet considerate delays when the document package is not completed or specific documents are not written in an exact draft type requested by authorities.

Our daily dealing with such processes empowers us with up to date knowledge and experience enough to have the services delivered to you in the fastest time possible and at the highest standards.