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Citizenship by Investment

Bestington Businessmen Services has wide understanding and knowledge of immigration programs that within the law regulations offer the possibility of obtaining a second passport and nationality based on an investment program. Countries that we work with do not oblige the investor or his family to reside in the future second passport country at any point in time. We provide to you transparent and well-established forms of obtaining a second citizenship and passport that are irrevocably by law.

Countries around the globe and dual citizenship

Citizenship by InvestmentCountries around the world have multiple and different regulations and laws regarding the ownership or application for a citizenship. Most common ways to obtain the citizenship of a country is through birth, marriage, naturalization or descent. These processes include long documentation and waiting procedures, some for up to 10 years.

Countries that accept dual citizenship:

Australia, Barbados, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Belgium, Bangladesh, Canada, Switzerland, United States, South Korea, South Africa (requires permission), Egypt (requires prior permission), Greece, Finland, Germany (requires prior permission), Iraq, Italy, France, Iceland, Sweden, Slovenia, Syria, Serbia, Armenia, Lebanon, Malta, Israel, Ireland, Hungary, Spain (allows only with certain Latin American countries), Philippines, Romania, Tonga, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka (by retention), Pakistan (accepts only for 16 countries), Turkey (requires permission), Portugal.

Countries that are not allowing dual citizenship:

Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Burma, Bahrain, Botswana, Japan, Denmark, Fiji, India, Indonesia, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Japan, Peru, Kuwait, Iran, Malaysia, Mauritius, Poland, Kenya, Kiribati, Poland, Korea, Kuwait, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Chile, Latvia, Singapore, Slovakia, Ecuador, Lithuania, Solomon Island, Fiji, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Thailand, Mexico, Nepal, Venezuela, Norway, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal

There are though a few countries around the world that are granting citizenship by financial investments, within short period of time (starting from few months), and with minimum bureaucracy.


Cyprus citizenship:

CyprusCyprus Island is a famous destination for tourists with attractive beautiful beaches and always-grand entertainment. With a tropical Mediterranean climate, that makes it sunny and bright 300 days a year is a dream holiday and living destination. Because of the economical and political crisis that the country has been facing for the last few years, the Government welcomes foreign investors and has made the process for the acquisition of the passport easy and affordable.

Benefits of owning a Cypriot Passport:

  • Investment allowed 100% in real estate market
  • Visa free travel to over 150 countries, Europe and Canada included.
  • No residency Required
  • Obtaining Cyprus European passport in 3-4 months

Bestington Real Estate and Businessmen Services will assist you with all your needs in Real estate investment, residency and accommodation on the island and passport obtaining procedures.

Conditions for Citizenship by investment in Cyprus:

The Cyprus Government is offering direct citizenship and passport to investors making substantial investments in the Cyprus economy under special circumstances:

Real estate or bank deposit of 2.5 million EUR

No residency is required

Waiting period for the passport 3-4 months.

NB: Due to the recent banking crisis multiple investors have lost the money deposited in bank accounts, therefore we strongly recommend the real estate option.

Real Estate Investment

Under the citizenship program and requirements, the investor should buy a real estate worth 2.5 million EUR , a very advantageous low priced property market is offering great opportunities. After the 3 years of ownership the investor is allowed to sell his property market assets. Bestington Businessmen Services together with our local partners will be available to help you with the search, approvals and contracts to be signed.

The Cypriot Passport

The Cypriot passport has a good reputation around the world and permits visa free travel to over 120 countries including Europe, UK, Canada and others.

At Bestington we offer full assistance and reliable services during your whole investment program.


Antigua Barbuda Citizenship:

Antigua BarbudaNicknamed “ The country of 365 beaches “; Antigua and Barbuda is a piece of beautiful heaven on earth. With its multiple islands, surrounded by speechless beauty virgin nature, white sands and blue like the sky warm waters it is a dream destination.

The government is working with open pro international investment politics, the programs for investors who can directly acquire passports and citizenship are transparent and in a continuous update to represent the potential investors interests. As per the new update from August 2014 the minimum investment sum has been reduced from 250.000$ to 200.000$, money that can be directed to buying real estate or offered for donation to a charity case. The residency requirements have been changed from 35 days to only 5 days. It can’t be easier.

Benefits of owning an Antigua and Barbuda passport:

  • The passport of Antigua and Barbuda provides visa free access to over 130 countries, including Hong-Kong, UK, Canada, Schengen European States and USA
  • Antigua as a hub of the Eastern Caribbean offers multiple international connections and easy travel connections.
  • The investment plan requires only 5 days of residence within the 5 years of passport validity, we strongly recommend you to visit the beautiful resorts and enjoy the unique exotic beauty.
  • The passport of the Antigua and Barbuda is issued within a fast period of 2-3 months and has 5 years validity.
  • Pick up of the Antigua and Barbuda passport can be done either in the country or at a High Commission, Consular Office, Embassy of Antigua and Barbuda.

Conditions for Investment:

The offers under the citizenship program are:

  • USD 200.000 as a donation to the National Fund
  • USD 400.000 as an investment in Real Estate
  • USD 1.5 Million as a business investment

Fees and costs:

  • Due diligence: 7500$ +
  • Government Fee: 50.000$ +
  • Passport Fee: 350$ + the company services fees.

The fees and costs will be counted per person; additional fees will apply for the dependents and family members. Do not hesitate to contact us for an accurate quote.

Taxation regulations:

No capital gains or inheritance taxes programs are available in Antigua and Barbuda. Since 2005 personal income tax was reintroduced and rates start from 10% up to 25 %, non chargeable is the income under EC$36,000 per year, 10% charge for the income more than EC$36,000-EC$ 180,000 per year and 25% for the excess over EC$180,000 per year. For Individuals that are in the country for a short term (less than 183 days/year) the tax will be counted only on income obtained or derived from Antigua and Barbuda. Individuals that will have their permanent residency or more than 183 days/year on the territory of the country will be qualifying as residents and be subject to tax on their worldwide personal income. In other words, it is possible to leave a tax-free life in Antigua and Barbuda if you make sure you are not regarded as a tax resident.


St Kitts and Nevis citizenship:

St Kitts and NevisSt Kitts and Nevis is a federal formed of two islands state in West Indies, know as well as St Christopher and Nevis is just 2000 km to the southeast of Miami. With a great climate enjoyable throughout the year, well-spoken English language, with a good connection by flights and marine with Europe, US and Caribbean Islands, is the place to be.

We would like to point out that when it regards to taxes, there is no capital gains tax, no personal income tax, no gift or inheritance tax. There are certain holidays for the corporate tax. St Kitts and Nevis attracts foreign investment from the Citizenship by Investment program that allows any interested person to become a citizen of St Kitts and Nevis if she/he is investing in an accepted real estate development or contributed with donation to a public charity.

Benefits of Owning a St Kitts and Nevis passport:

  • Visa free entrance in over 80 countries including all European countries, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland
  • No residence requirement
  • No wealth or income tax
  • Second citizenship offered to your family members
  • Freely possibility of work and reside on St Kitts and Nevis.

The Real Estate investment:

Investors have to purchase a property from an approved developer for minimum USD 400,000. The property should be a villa or condominium units and the purchaser has to pay the buying costs (4-5% of the purchasing price) and cover the compulsory insurance fund and conveyance fees.

Fees and costs additional to be paid are:

  • Government fee 50,000$ +
  • Spouse fee (if any) 25,000$ +
  • Every child under 18YO fee 25,000$ +
  • Dependent over 18YO fee 50,000$ +

Company services fee.

Applicants that opted for the Real Estate investment can resell the properties after 5 years of ownership.

SIDF Contribution investment:

SIDF comes, as a short from Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation and it is a public charity founded by St Kitts and Nevis government to support workers that lost their jobs from the sugar industry closure. The fund is meant to raise funds for diversifying agricultural sector and stimulate the economic development.

Donations to the SIDF will make the applicants eligible to exercise their application for St Kitts citizenship by investment program. The passport will have 10 years validity.

Single investors are expected to make a non-refundable donation of at least 250,000 USD , for families with up to three dependents, spouse and children under 18 YO – 300,000 USD, and for families of up to five dependents, spouse and 4 children under 18YO – 350,000 USD plus governmental and registration fees.

Time for passport and citizenship processing is 3-6 months, a very transparent and easy process.

If any other questions have risen while reading the short description of citizenship by investment possibilities, please contact us for a personalized consultation, we are ready to offer you individual solutions and an exact estimation of the costs.