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Conference events organization

Bestington’s talented team handles all your requirements from conceptualization to execution, allowing you to direct all your attention on achieving your objectives on any size conference event. With accurate planning and logistics management and the ability to activate requisite resources, we have managed a wide variety of projects and understand the client’s needs thoroughly before commencing to organize an event.

Our strong relationship and collaboration with the promotion companies, is entirely focused on providing clients with floor staff, promoters and hostesses for marketing campaigns, events, exhibitions and fashion shows. Our collaboration provides you with complete services covering selection, casting, training and supervision of personnel.

Shift the planning and execution of your conference event on our shoulders and benefit of services such as:

  • Identification of the Object of your Conference.
  • Nominating and promoting the conference theme.
  • We will tie your Objective and Conference Agenda with the approved Theme.
  • Plan the Conference Dates.
  • Prepare the budget plan identifying all the tasks that will lead up to its completion.
  • Arrange the search for Sponsorship.
  • Correspond and Recommend with speakers, exhibitors and entertainers.
  • Ensure the attending guests benefit of the appropriate facilities and accommodation when appropriate.
  • Coordinate with the security, safety, operational and logistics standards and requirements supervising entities.
  • Manage the conference critical situations.
  • Ensure bills are paid on time.
  • Manage the expenses against the budget.
  • Sent thank you notes to the venue and staff that excelled in their work to ensure the success of the conference.
  • Send thank you notes to the VIP’s for their attendance.
  • Have the final report prepared, which will include the meeting notes, evaluation results and suggestions and recommendations for the future conferences and meetings.

Our specialists in the operations team will manage every aspect of your event, from Planning and budgeting; invitations and RSVPs; branding and technical solutions - to final reports and new contacts and information management.

Having the dedicated suppliers in place we are able to handle each and every requirement our clients may have. 

Conference events organization