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Documents Attestation in Dubai

Time is precious not only because it is worth money, but because it can be spent at a better value than queuing at the governmental authorities in need of stamps, approvals, signatures or any other confirmations and issues.

Bestington Businessmen Services knows that your time can be happily spent with your family, friends, or other leisure or social business activities, therefore we step for you, on the documents legalization, attestation and authentication path, and in shortest time possible come with ready and professional results.

Our Documents Clearing services cover all ministries, departments and regulatory organs of Dubai and other UAE Emirate, including the central Abu Dhabi authorities. But we do not limit our services, our wide collaborative network with countries around the world permit us to offer the exclusive service of legalization of required documents in the country of your origin.

Most commonly asked documents to be authenticated in your country of origin before presenting them to the UAE FOREIGN AFFAIRS authorities are:Document attestation in Dubai

  • Educational degrees/certificates.
  • Nursing Certificate.
  • Master Degree Certificate.
  • High School Certificate.
  • Engineering Certificate.
  • Degree Attestation etc.
  • Marriage Certificates attestation.
  • Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai and abroad.
  • Experience Certificate.
  • Driving Licenses.
  • Transfer Certificate.
  • Police Certificates.
  • Business Related Certificates etc.

With strong roots in our niche on the UAE market, Bestington Businessmen Services is proud of its reliable and highly experienced team of PROs. They can expedite clearance of all needed documents with the IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT AND MINISTRY OF LABOUR. You can engage us on a case-by-case payment or a convenient monthly remuneration.

By working with us in this domain you can benefit of professional services that include (but not limits to):Attestation services in Dubai

  • Labour Card Renewal.
  • Labour Card Replacement.
  • Labour Card Amendments.
  • Employee Labour Card Processing.
  • Labour Card Cancellation.
  • Labour/Employment Contract Amendments.
  • Labour Employment Contract Processing.
  • Employment Visa Cancellation.
  • Visit Visa, Maid Visa, Transit Visa, Employment Visa, Residence Visa Processing
  • Replacement of Lost or Damaged Labor Card and much more.


IMMIGRATION AUTHORITIES services include document clearance for following:

  • Business Visa intended for investors visiting UAE for a business trip for no more than 2 weeks of stay.
  • Visit Visa for friends and Families that allow the visitors a stay of more than 2 weeks and visa validity of 60 days.
  • Extensions of the 30 days Visit Visa for a total of 90 days.
  • Multiple entrances Visa for frequent travellers and businessmen.
  • Conversions of Tourist /Visit visa into Residential or Labour visa.
  • Issuance of investor three years visa.
  • Raesidence Visas obtained by the individuals either by sponsorship of their family members, or property market investment or employment.
  • Cancellation of residence visas for the individuals moving out of UAE for an indefinite time.
  • VIE (Very Important Visa) for employees of companies declared as important by the Community Department. Etc.

Bestington Real Estate and Businessmen Services do not limit its services on standard approaches and market needs; we are always happy to create a personalized approach to our customer needs and are always open to new challenges and customer satisfaction to be achieved.

If you do not find the exact service or document on our brief activity description we assure you we can solve any of your difficulties so feel free to contact us for further information and a professional consultation.