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How to Move to Dubai | Relocation Services

Moving to another country is always challenging, new territory to explore, new cultural diversity to adapt to, new house and schools to find, new friendships to start...

At Bestington Businessmen Services we make the word NEW sound comfortable, trustworthy and exciting. We know the hidden parts of the "NEW" and are enthusiastic to share the knowledge with you!

Relocation supportOur relocation services Dubai cover areas like:

  • City discovery and orientation.
  • Home search support.
  • Settling in services.
  • Education and child extracurricular development assistance.
  • Required documentation and registrations services.
  • General queries and advise services. (Long term support).

Dubai is a fast growing city, with grand development projects, skyscrapers that compete in beauty and height, investment possibilities that are counted as in the top best of the world, luxurious resorts that meet the greatest expectations, parks with perfect greenery, entertainment areas for the whole family, dream houses and white sand beaches with blue like the clear sky waters. There is something to love and choose for everyone.

But when it comes to relocation services or making this place your home, find the right and best school for your children, know where to find the tastiest and freshest food, relax in your loved environment and benefit of the most appropriate medical assistance, the questions and insecurities that appear are countless.

By choosing our CITY DISCOVERY AND ORIENTATION services, you will benefit of a unique, custom-made introduction tour around the city and the specific landmarks you require. In this "At your own comfort timing and pace" orientation day (or days as you would choose), we help you discover:

  • The most famous city districts, with short introduction to the unique places to visit in the area, restaurants, beauty salons, gentlemen membership clubs, family entertainment facilities and any other specific request pointed out by you during the planning of the tour process.
  • We will point out the most recommended medical facilities, schools and nurseries, shopping for groceries or household items places available in the future planned-to-move in areas. Any safety or security information regarding the area chosen by you as your future living space will be informed and discussed.
  • Schooling, Medical and Banking advices come as a part of the introductory city preview informative package. If any further services regarding registration, applications to be filled and submitted, or representing your interests in any of the above stated facilities would be of interest, please feel free to let us know and we will tailor a special INFORMATIONAL-ACTION package to meet all your needs and expectations.

During the period of the introduction process you can address us other questions and concerns regarding your adaptation process and we would be delighted to find the correct and reliable answers for you.